Fall 2016 & Winter 2017
Titles from HarperCollins

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Cornwell, Patricia

Closed Casket

Hannah, Sophie/ Christie, Agatha


Patchett, Ann

Dear Amy

Callaghan, Helen

Devil Sent the Rain

Turner, Lisa


Jance, J.A.

The Fate of the Tearling

Johansen, Erika

Fire by Night, The

Messineo, Teresa

The Forbidden Garden

Herrick, Ellen

The Girl in the Castle

Montefiore, Santa

The Great Glowing Coils of the Universe

Fink, Joseph/ Cranor, Jeffrey

The Hearts of Men

Butler, Nickolas

Her Every Fear

Swanson, Peter

Inheriting Edith

Fishman, Zoe

The Kept Woman

Slaughter, Karin

Kiss Carlo

Trigiani, Adriana


Livesey, Margot

Miss You

Eberlen, Kate

Mississippi Blood

Iles, Greg

Mister Monkey

Prose, Francine


Chabon, Michael

Mostly Void, Partially Stars

Fink, Joseph/ Cranor, Jeffrey

News of the World

Jiles, Paulette

The Perfect Girl

Macmillan, Gilly

Perfect Little World

Wilson, Kevin

A Piece of the World

Kline, Christina Baker

The Possessions

Murphy, Sara Flannery

Puppet Master

Brown, Dale with DeFelice, Jim

The Queen of Blood

Durst, Sarah Beth

The Rift Uprising

Foster, Amy S.

The Runaway Midwife

Harman, Patricia

The Seventh Plague

Rollins, James

The Terranauts

Boyle, T.C.

This Is Not Over

Brown, Holly

The Women in the Castle

Shattuck, Jessica

Biography & Autobiography

All the Brave Men

Stratton, Donald/ Gire, Ken

Carry On

Fenn, Lisa

Darling Days

Wright, iO Tillett

The Fortress

Trussoni, Danielle

Forty Autumns

Willner, Nina


Wambach, Abby

I'll Be Damned

Braeden, Eric

Just Getting Started

Bennett, Tony

A Life Everlasting

Gray, Sarah


Lesser, Elizabeth


Baldwin, Alec

The Nine of Us

Smith, Jean Kennedy


Mustafa, Nujeen with Lamb, Christina

Set the Boy Free

Marr, Johnny

Settle for More

Kelly, Megyn


Freeman, Mike

Sometimes Brilliant

Brilliant, Larry


Hedren, Tippi


The Boy Is Back

Cabot, Meg

Devil in Spring

Kleypas, Lisa

Four Weddings and a Sixpence

Quinn, Julia, et al

Frost Line

Howard, Linda

Her Secret

Gray, Shelley Shepard

Immortal Nights

Sands, Lynsay

Immortal Unchained

Sands, Lynsay

Into the Fire

Frost, Jeaniene

A Scot in the Dark

MacLean, Sarah

With Every Breath

Banks, Maya


Hidden Figures

Shetterly, Margot Lee

A Matter of Honor

Summers, Anthony/ Swan, Robbyn



Bourdain, Anthony


Health & Fitness