Fast Food Genocide

Fuhrman, Joel

Health & Fitness

On Sale Date: 10/17/17
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ISBN 13: 9780062571212
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We’re eating our way to discomfort, unhappiness, disease, and premature death. Processed and fake foods have become the primary source of calories in the United States-a trend that is growing across the developed world. While these “Frankenfoods” efficiently feed the majority of our citizens, they do not contain the sustaining biological and chemical properties of food produced in nature. This fast-food solution is causing a fast-food genocide that is shaping our bodies and our futures, Joel Fuhrman, M.D., warns.

Eating these unhealthy foods make us fatter and profoundly affects our brains, behaviors, and even our genetic makeup, leaving us helpless to social forces that will keep us eating fast food forever, he explains. They create an avalanche of harmful problems-chronic disease, lowered intelligence levels, and attention deficits that are intrinsically linked to poverty, reduced educational and occupational opportunities, and even increased drug addiction, violence, and crime.

An urgent call to action, Fast Food Genocide also provides a clear and very achievable solution. While food can destroy the world, it can also heal it. We must take back control of our diet-by eating specific natural ingredients in a balanced way-and in doing so, our right to a healthy, long life. “Greater knowledge leads to a solution; a solution to your personal health issues and a solution for our society,?” Dr. Fuhrman writes. “But it starts with you.”