The Fox Hunt

Al Samawi, Mohammed

Biography & Autobiography

On Sale Date: 4/10/18
Imprint: William Morrow
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Format: HC
Pages: 352
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ISBN: 62678191
ISBN 13: 9780062678195
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March 2015. Four Millennials stare at their iPhones. They’ve been glued to Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, and Skype for the past six hours. But they’re not posting vacation photos, watching cat videos, or reviewing local brunch spots. They’re orchestrating a daredevil rescue operation taking place halfway across the world. Within thirty minutes, they’ll learn if they’ve saved the life of a young Muslim-Yemeni peace activist-or if he’s been shot, execution-style, by Al Qaeda operatives. His name is Mohammed Al Samawi, and his story is remarkable.

Mohammed was born on November 30, 1986, in the Old City of Sana’a, to a comfortably middle-class family; his parents were both doctors. He was raised in the Zaydism sect of Shi’a Islam and taught-by both his family and the ruling class of Yemen-that Jews were responsible for everything wrong with the world, from sex scenes in movies to the depreciation of Yemen’s currency. But at the age of 21, everything changed when Mohammed was secretly given a copy of the Bible, and suddenly, everything he believed about Jews was thrown into doubt.

He started to reach out to Jews over Facebook, joined a peace-building organization, and began traveling to interfaith conferences outside of Yemen. Then he began to receive death threats, and was forced to flee to the Southern port city of Aden. When it suddenly became the center of the civil war that broke out in spring 2015, Mohammed’s life was in grave danger. Hiding in the bathroom of his apartment in Aden, he could hear the RPGs and AK47s below, and sent out a desperate prayer to his social media network. As Mohammed writes of that first day, “I remember these as the final moments of my life.”

But they weren’t. Four young people with zero experience in international diplomacy or military exfiltration worked across six technology platforms and ten time zones to save Mohammed’s life during a harrowing 13-day ordeal. What happened next-and what will make up the second half of this book-has the makings a high-stakes, page-turning international thriller. But in the end, The Fox Hunt is an unforgettable story of faith, compassion, and redemption.