It's Hard Out Here for a Duke

Rodale, Maya


On Sale Date: 11/28/17
Imprint: Avon
Print Run: 30K
Format: Library Hardcover
Pages: 384
Price: 26
ISBN: 62697331
ISBN 13: 9780062697332
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Ebook 9780062386793
Mass Market Paperback 9780062386816

Some Mistakes?

When American-born James Cavendish arrives in London tomorrow, he’ll become the Duke of Durham. Some might be ecstatic at the opportunity. Not James. He’s a simple man, fond of simple pleasures. And right now, nothing could be more pleasurable than spending his last night of freedom with a beautiful stranger.

Are Far Too Good?

One wild night, Meredith Green, companion to the dowager Duchess of Durham, said yes to a man she thought she’d never see again. Suddenly, they’re living under the same roof, where Meredith is expected to teach James how to be a duke-while trying not to surrender to temptation a second time.

To Be Forgotten

For a duke and a commoner, marriage would be pure scandal. Yet nothing has ever felt as right as having Meredith in his arms?and in his bed. Soon he must choose-between a duty he never desired, and a woman he longs for, body and soul?