My Story

Harry, Deborah

Biography & Autobiography

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“I was a punk. I still am.”

In the 1970s and 1980s, New York City emerged as an incubator for artistic creativity, including a guitar driven sound new sound that was transforming rock and roll, centered in the East Village and a club called CBGBs. One of the bands that emerged, along with The Ramones, The Talking Heads, and Television was the bold, brash, art rock band Blondie, founded by Debbie Harry and Chris Stein. With her bleached-blonde hair, distinctive looks, cool sexuality, and street chic vibe, Harry became an icon of music, fashion, and art. Though she was a regular at CBGB’s, a Rolling Stone cover girl, the subject of a series of Warhol silk-screens, and later a leader in the music video revolution, this woman with the cool mystique remained for years a mystery to fans and media, keeping a hard-fought distance and protecting her privacy.

Now, Debbie Harry invites us into her world for the first time, offering the real and honest truth of her life, from her childhood growing up as the adopted daughter of a middle class family in Hawthorne, New Jersey, through the early years of poverty and struggle in New York city before Blondie made it, to the struggles with fame even after they did, to her solo years and her work as an actress and in fashion, to her pursuits today. At the heart of this candid memoir is the story of an unconventional woman and the work and relationships that defined her life-with her longtime romantic and creative partner Chris Stein, with music, and with the vibrant, mercurial city that nurtured her. Brave, sharp and intimate, her memoir is as compelling, fresh, and unusual as the artist, feminist, and woman it brilliantly illuminates.