No Room for Small Dreams

Peres, Shimon


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In 1934, eleven-year-old Shimon Peres arrived in Palestine from his native Poland, leaving behind an extended family that would later be slaughtered in the Holocaust. Demonstrating his political acumen in adolescence, he became immersed in paramilitary operations against the British, playing a crucial role in the 1948 war for independence. A prot_g_ of David Ben-Gurion, Peres not only helped created modern Israel, but would directly shape it in the years to come as the first director general of its Defense Ministry, as prime minister (twice), as the head of other key ministries-including foreign affairs, transportation, and finance-and, until 2014, as president. Under his visionary stewardship, Israel became a formidable military power and global leader in high-tech and science. Peres was also instrumental in facilitating the immigration of millions of Jews worldwide, and in securing a peace treaty with the Palestine Liberation Organization, for which he shared a Nobel Prize.

No Room for Small Dreams spans decades, events and places-from Jerusalem to Washington, from Paris to Gaza, from Tel Aviv to Moscow; from the Arab riots in the wake of WWI to the creation of Israel’s top secret nuclear program, from the success of Israeli espionage operations to birth of the nation’s spectacular high-tech revolution, from Camp David to the West Bank; from Israel’s controversial wars and contentious peace treaties, from the early kibbutz movement to today’s extremist settlers, from a land of parched desert to a nation of stunning abundance. And as he looks back, Peres looks forward, offering a provocative meditation on the difficulties and sacrifices involved with making peace, the courage and creativity needed to leap over assumed barriers, and the challenges of traversing the dark paths of history to emerge into the bright promise of tomorrow.