Why Bob Dylan Matters

Thomas, Richard F.

Biography & Autobiography

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In his wildly popular freshman seminar on Bob Dylan-affectionately dubbed “Dylan 101”-Professor Richard Thomas is introducing a new generation of fans and scholars to the revered bards work. A testament to the ongoing importance and appeal of Bob Dylan, Thomas’s class incites lively debates on diverse social and political issues, such as sexism in “Just Like a Woman” and introduces students to the eclectic literary references in Dylan’s work.

Growing out of his class, Why Bob Dylan Matters celebrates Dylan’s genius as it explores his music within the context of current events and modern popular culture. Thomas considers the influences on Dylan’s creativity, analyzing the artist and his work, including his memoir, through the lens of western literature and in the tradition of classical poets such as Homer.

Asking us to reflect on the question, “What makes a classic?”, Thomas offers an eloquent argument for Dylan’s modern relevance and passionately defends his 2016 Nobel Prize, maintaining that Dylan is indeed a poet for the ages on the level of T. S. Eliot or Virgil. Throughout, Thomas decodes and interprets Dylan’s lyrics, illuminating their meaning for long-time Dylan lovers and for a new audience just discovering his genius.

With depth and clarity, Why Bob Dylan Matters illuminates one of the most influential artists of our time and definitively makes the case for his lasting cultural significance.