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The Hollow Man

Oliver Harris


On Sale Date: 8/28/2012
Imprint: Harper Paperbacks
Print Run: 50K
Format: PB
Pages: 480
Price: $14.99
ISBN: 62136712
ISBN 13: 9780062136718
Other Formats
Ebook 9780062136701

The first in a series of gritty and original thrillers following cunning detective Nick Belsey from a rising voice in British crime fiction.  Waking up on Hampstead Heath in a crashed squad car, still drunk, with no wallet, no phone, and only a Masonic candlestick to remind him of the events of the night before, London police detective Nick Belsey has hit rock bottom. At dawn he checks in at the station to collect his things on what should be the last day of his career, but something in the overnight files catches his interest—a missing person report from Bishops Avenue, London’s richest street. Alex Devereux—worth a fortune, never seen, lived alone—has vanished, leaving his Porsche in the garage and a suicide note on his desk. In Devereux’s disappearance, Belsey sees a way out for himself: the opportunity for a new start by stealing the man’s identity.  Belsey quickly realizes that his would-be scam is about to be outclassed by a far more ambitious fraud, as the race to get to the elusive oligarch’s fortune becomes a game with life and death stakes.  The Hollow Man is a tour de force of pace and plotting, and a vividly evocative love-letter to London.