The Time Keeper

Mitch Albom


On Sale Date: 8/28/2012
Imprint: Hyperion
Print Run: 1500K
Format: HC
Pages: 240
Price: $24.99
ISBN: 1401322786
ISBN 13: 9781401322786
Other Formats
Ebook 9781401304706
AUD 9781401326364

In Mitch Albom’s newest work of fiction, the inventor of the world’s first clock is punished for trying to measure God’s greatest gift, banished to a cave for centuries and forced to listen to the voices of all who come after him seeking more time, more minutes, more years. Eventually, with his soul nearly broken, Father Time is granted his freedom, along with a magical hourglass and a mission: a chance to redeem himself by teaching two earthly people the true meaning of time.  He returns to our world—now dominated by the hour-counting he so innocently began—and commences a journey with two unlikely partners; one, a teenage girl who is about to give up on life, the other a wealthy old businessman who wants to live forever. To save himself, he must save them both. Told in Albom’s signature spare, evocative prose, this moving tale will inspire readers everywhere to reconsider their own notions of time, how they spend it and how precious it truly is.