The Cafe by the Sea

Colgan, Jenny


On Sale Date: 6/27/2017
Imprint: William Morrow Paperbacks
Print Run: 50K
Format: Trade PB
Pages: 288
Price: 14.99
ISBN: 006266297X
ISBN 13: 9780062662972
Other Formats
Ebook 9780062662989
Digital Audio 9780062681478
Library Hard cover 9780062675606

A London girl-about-town returns to her family’s farm on a small Scottish island following her mother’s death. Her father and her four brothers remain, and it’s up to them to run the farm. But as she soon discovers, they aren’t quite up to the task, and need all the help they can get.

Leaving behind a bustling, high-stakes life in the city, our heroine builds a life for herself in her hometown, opening a caf? using the local produce of the region. And romance isn’t far behind?

The Cafe by the Sea is a delightful summer time romp that puts a modern twist on the classic Seven Brides for Seven Brothers story.