Just One Touch

Banks, Maya


On Sale Date: 5/23/2017
Imprint: Avon
Print Run: 25K
Format: HC
Pages: 256
Price: 25.99
ISBN: 006246650X
ISBN 13: 9780062466501
Other Formats
Ebook 9780062410191
Digital Audio 9780062674326
Mass Market Paperback 9780062410184

She can heal with a touch…or kill with a look.

Isaac, one of the toughest recruits of Devereaux Security Services, has no problem risking his life to save others. But when Isaac is tasked with taking down a female assassin—one with the power to wipe out life in the blink of an eye—he quickly realizes this job is a complete game changer.

Yet once he catches up to Maggie and captures her, fully intending to bring her in, he makes a startling discovery: She’s not the cold blooded killer he’s been led to believe. He quickly realizes that Maggie is in great danger and vows to protect her at all costs. Even if it means taking on the agency he has absolute loyalty to.

Maggie has the power to choose who lives or dies—and she hates her existence for it. Hunted ruthlessly by a group that will stop at nothing to manipulate her, she can’t afford to trust anyone, not even a man who promises to keep her safe at all costs. She wants to believe in Isaac—but she can’t afford to be wrong. If she is, it’s not just her heart at risk?

Thousands of lives will pay for her mistake.